Noah on Yosemite

On the 3/4/13

“…we went on a walk to Lower Yosemite Waterfall, it was amazing. On the way out I saw a snake !!!@!!!?! (yes direct from his entry-I think it was meant to indicate how excited he was about seeing the snake). After that we went to a Cathedral, the Cathedral is the oldest building in Yosemite…after an ice cream break we went home and had a snow ball fight. My favourite part of the day was the walk to lower Yosemite Falls.” 

…..The walk to the cathedral was the Cook’s Meadow Loop- we were a few weeks early, in mid April it is covered in flowers. Despite this we still got amazing views of the Yosemite falls, Half Dome and the Valley. It was a very enjoyable walk. 


“Today we went to a forrest full of giant Sequias. The main ones were The Grizzly Giant (the oldest living thing, it is around 8000 years old), the California Tunnel Tree (a tree with a hole in it), The Faithful Couple (two trees fused together) and the Clothespin Tree (a tree that looks like a peg). My favourite tree was the Grizzly Giant, because its branches looked weird (Dad input- the thought is that the continual bush fires have limited its ability to grow higher and as such it looks like the tree has been cut off half way up). After that we went home and had hot chocolate with huge marshmellows (they are 4 times as big as the ones in Perth). Gus, Greta and I then had a snowball fight.”

A comment on the snowball fight…Noah placed himself at the top of the driveway with Gus at the bottom. Good work Noah, give your brother an unfair start. Then to top it off, he recruited Greta to act as his look out and increase his advantage. The funniest moment of the fight was when Greta came up to me and turned, she asked me to grab Noah’s stock pile and help her throw them at him when he got back….It was brilliant. Noah was not so impressed. 


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